Russian word of the day: Сполоснуть

Aug 17, 2017

How to say 

"To rinse" in Russian



Verb , perfective

Imperfective - спола́скивать

to rinse


  • Сполосни́ ло́жку, пожа́луйста!

    spa-las-née lósh-ku pa-zhá-lus-ta

    Rinse the spoon, please!

  • Он сполосну́л лицо́ холо́дной водо́й.

    on spa-las-núl lee-tsó ha-lód-nai va-dói

    He rinsed his face with cold water.

Related words and phrases

пропылесо́сить [pra-py-lee-só-seet'] Verb
to vacuum
тря́пка [tryáp-ka] Noun
shred, rag, duster, mop; wimp, doormat
гла́дить [glá-deet'] Verb
to pat, to caress; to iron
пылесо́с [py-lee-sós] Noun
vacuum cleaner

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