Russian phrase of the day: Спокойной ночи

Jan 14, 2018

How to say 

"Good night" in Russian

споко́йной но́чи

spa-kóî-naî nó-chee


good night! (lit. - quiet night!, said before going to bed)


  • Всё, иди́ спать! Споко́йной но́чи.

    vsyó, ee-dée spat'! spa-kóî-naî nó-chee

    That's it, go to bed! Good night.

  • Она́ пожела́ла де́тям споко́йной но́чи и поцелова́ла пе́ред сном.

    o-ná pa-zhee-lá-la dyé-tyam spa-kóî-naî nó-chee ee pa-tse-la-vá-la pyé-ryet snom

    She wished the children good night and kissed them for the night.

Useful information

"Спокойной ночи" is used to wish a good night to your family and kids before going to bed.

If you need to use "good night" as a greeting (for example, when meeting people late), you should say "добрый вечер" (good evening) or "доброй ночи" (good night).

To say "have a good night" use the phrase "доброй ночи".

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