Russian word of the day: Совесть

Feb 26, 2019



Noun , feminine



  • Име́йте со́весть!

    ee-myéî-tye só-veest'

    Have a heart! / Have you no shame? (Lit. - Have a conscience!)

  • Он привы́к поступа́ть по со́вести.

    on pree-výk pas-tu-tát' pa só-vees-tee

    He is used to act in good conscience.

Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "совест".

  • Он не пошёл на сде́лку с со́вестью.

    on nye pa-shól na sdyél-ku s só-veest'-yu

    He did not go for a deal with his conscience.

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Related words and phrases

угрю́мый [ug-ryú-myî] Adjective
sullen, morose, gloomy, sulky, uncheerful, moody
хи́трый [héet-ryî] Adjective
sly, cunning; artful; intricate
приве́тливый [pree-vyét-lee-vyî] Adjective
friendly, affable
че́стный [chyést-nyî] Adjective

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