Russian word of the day: Сон

Nov 07, 2017



Noun , masculine

dream, sleep


  • Он забы́лся глубо́ким сном.

    on za-býl-sya glu-bó-keem snom

    He collapsed into a deep sleep.

  • Мне присни́лся хоро́ший сон.

    mnye prees-néel-sya ha-ró-sheeî son

    I had a good dream.

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Same stem words

сон [son] Nom , masculin
rêve, songe, sommeil
засо́ня [za-só-nya] Noun , masculine or feminine
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Related words and phrases

уста́ть [us-tát'] Verb , perfective
to get tired
глу́пость [glú-past'] Noun , feminine
stupidity, stupid action or thing, folly, foolishness, nonsense
по-ру́сски [pa-rús-kee] Phrase
in Russian
вещь [vesch'] Noun , feminine
thing, object, belonging, stuff

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