Russian word of the day: Солнце

Mar 15, 2019

How to say 

"Sun" in Russian



Noun , neuter

Plural - со́лнца



  • Занаве́ски совсе́м вы́горели на со́лнце.

    za-na-vyés-kee saf-syém vý-ga-ree-lee na són-tse

    The curtains completely faded under the sun.

  • Жа́рко бы́ло не то́лько на со́лнце, но и в тени́.

    zhár-ka bý-la nye tól'-ka na són-tse, no ee f tee-née

    It was hot not only under the sun, but also in the shade.

Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "солнц".

  • Весе́нние у́лицы кише́ли людьми́, обра́довавшимися теплу́ и со́лнцу.

    vee-syén-nee-ye ú-lee-tsy kee-shé-lee lyud'-mee, ab-rá-da-vav-shee-mee-sya teep-lú ee són-tsu

    The spring streets were swarming with people embracing the warmth and the sun.

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