Russian word of the day: Собеседование

Sep 12, 2018



Noun , neuter

Plural - собесе́дования

interview (for a job or studies), interlocution


  • У меня́ в три часа́ собесе́дование по по́воду но́вой рабо́ты.

    u mee-nyá v tree chee-sá sa-bee-syé-da-va-nee-ye pa pó-va-du nó-vaî ra-bó-ty

    At three o'clock I have an interview for a the new job.

  • Он не пришёл на собесе́дование.

    on nye pree-shól na sa-bee-syé-da-va-nee-ye

    He did not come to the interview.

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Related words and phrases

зарпла́та [zar-plá-ta] Noun , feminine , short from за́работная пла́та
wages, salary
о́пыт [ó-pyt] Noun , masculine
о́тпуск [ót-pusk] Noun , masculine
leave, vacation, holiday
подсиде́ть [pad-see-dyét'] Verb , perfective
to scheme / intrigue against (usually to take one's position)

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