Russian word of the day: Снегурочка

Dec 27, 2017



Noun , feminine

Snow Maiden (granddaughter of grandfather Frost)


  • Снегу́рочка - постоя́нная спу́тница Де́да Моро́за.

    snye-gú-rach-ka - pas-ta-yán-na-ya spút-nee-tsa dyé-da ma-ró-za

    The Snow Maiden is the constant companion of Grandfather Frost.

  • Снегу́рочка пришла́ в наро́дные ма́ссы и завоева́ла популя́рность в послевое́нные го́ды.

    snye-gú-rach-ka preesh-lá v na-ród-ny-ye más-sy ee za-va-ee-vá-la pa-pu-lyár-nast' v pos-lye-va-yén-ny-ye gódy

    The Snow Maiden came to the masses and gained popularity in the post-war years.


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ёлка [yól-ka] Noun
firtree, New Year's/Christmas tree
с рождество́м! [s razh-deest-vóm] Phrase , variation: счастли́вого рождества́!
Merry Christmas!
пода́рок [pa-dá-rak] Noun , plural - пода́рки
gift, present
но́вый год [nó-vyî got] Phrase
New Year

2 thoughts on “Снегурочка

  1. Just a suggestion (which may not be feasible): It was be really, really helpful if the sample sentences could be slowed down. Language learning apps such as Duolingo have that capacity – you can get the sample sentences spoken VERY slowly. These quickly spoken sentences are almost impossible for beginning learners to follow. They are very good – but extremely hard to use.

    • Learn Russian Daily says:

      Hello Karen,

      Thank you for the useful suggestion. We won’t be able to give the slowed down version separately, but we can change the speed of the examples for the new recordings. Although many of them are already pre-recorded, we’ll think about re-recording those too.

      Happy holidays!

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