Russian word of the day: Смущаться

Nov 18, 2018



Verb , imperfective

Perfective - смути́ться

to be embarrassed, confused; to experience awkwardness, shyness


  • При ви́де папарацци она́ не ста́ла смуща́ться, a хо́лодно поприве́тствовала их же́стом.

    pree vée-dye pa-pa-rá-tsee a-ná nye stá-la smu-schá-tsa, a hó-lad-na pa-pree-vyét-stva-va-la eeh zhés-tam

    Having noticed the paparazzi she did not become confused but coldly greeted them with a gesture.

  • Он смуща́ется ка́ждый раз, как я загова́риваю с ним.

    on smu-schá-ee-tsa kázh-dyî raz kak ya za-ga-vá-ree-va-yu s neem

    He becomes so shy every time I try to talk to him.

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Related words and phrases

ду́ться [dú-tsa] Verb , imperfective
to sulk , to pout
стыд [styt] Noun , masculine
сча́стье [schást'-ye] Verb , neuter
пла́кать [plá-kat'] Verb , imperfective
to cry, to weep

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