Russian word of the day: Скучать

Jun 29, 2017



Verb , imperfective

to be bored, to have a tedious time; (по кому-то) to long (for), to miss


  • Я скуча́ю по тебе́.

    ya sku-chá-yu pa tee-byé

    I miss you.

  • Чего́ сиди́шь скуча́ешь? Займи́сь де́лом!

    chee-vó see-déesh sku-chá-eesh? zai-mees' dyé-lam!

    What are you sitting here bored? Get yourself busy!

Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "скуча".

  • Как я скуча́ю по настоя́щему ква́су!

    kak ya sku-chá-yu pa nas-ta-yá-schee-mu kvá-su

    How I miss real kvass!

  • Она́ о́чень скуча́ет по до́му.

    a-ná ó-cheen' sku-chá-eet pa dó-mu

    She misses her home very much.

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Same stem words

ску́чный [skuch-nýî] Adjective
boring, dull
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Related words and phrases

удово́льствие [u-da-vól'st-vee-ye] Noun , neuter
сты́дно [stýd-na] Adverb
it is shameful, it is a shame
хохота́ть [ha-ha-tát'] Verb , imperfective
to laugh loudly, to guffaw
злой [zloî] Adjective
angry; wicked, evil; malicious, spiteful, mean

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