Russian word of the day: Сколько

Mar 31, 2017

How to say 

"How much" in Russian



Pronoun , interrogative

how many, how much


  • Ско́лько э́то сто́ит?

    skól'-ka é-ta stó-eet

    How much does it cost?

  • Во ско́лько тебе́ э́то обошло́сь?

    va skól'-ka tee-byé é-ta a-bash-lós'

    How much did it cost you?

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Related words and phrases

пока́ [pa-ká] Particle
bye (informal)
свобо́дно [sva-bód-na] Adverb
vacant, free, freely; loose, loosely
на́до [ná-da] Predicate noun
(one) must, (one) need, it is necessary
здра́вствуйте [zdrá-stvuî-tye] Interjection , informal - "здра́вствуй"
hello; good morning / afternoon / evening