Russian word of the day: Сказать

Jul 15, 2018



Verb , perfective

to say, to tell


  • Извини́, что ты сказа́л?

    eez-vee-née, chto ty ska-zál

    I'm sorry, what did you say?

  • Они́ нам ничего́ не сказа́ли.

    a-née nam nee-chee-vó nye ska-zá-lee

    They told us nothing.

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Related words and phrases

встава́ть [fstavát']
stand up, get up, rise; be up
глу́пый [glú-pyi] Adjective
foolish, silly, stupid
улы́бка [u-lýp-ka] Noun , feminine
вещь [vesch'] Noun , feminine
thing, object, belonging, stuff

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