Russian word of the day: Синяк

Oct 03, 2018



Noun , masculine

Plural - синяки́



  • Я постоя́нно на всё натыка́юсь, поэ́тому у меня́ все но́ги в синяка́х.

    ya pat-ta-yán-na na fsyo na-ty-ká-yus', pa-é-ta-mu u mee-nya fsye nó-gee f see-nee-káh

    I constantly bump into things, so my legs are covered with bruises.

  • Ой как бо́льно! Тепе́рь синя́к бу́дет.

    oî kak ból'-na! tee-pyér' see-nyák bú-deet

    Oh how painful! Now there will be a bruise.

Same stem words

си́ний [sée-neei] Adjective
dark blue
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Related words and phrases

просту́да [pras-tú-da] Noun , feminine
cold, chill
приви́вка [pree-véef-ka] Noun , feminine
заболе́ть [za-ba-lyét'] Verb , perfective
to get sick; to start hurting/aching
зарази́ться [za-ra-zée-tsa] Verb , perfective
to catch an illness, to become infected

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