Russian word of the day: Синий

Apr 28, 2017

How to say 

"Dark blue" in Russian




dark blue


  • На ней была́ ю́бка в си́нюю и бе́лую поло́ску.

    na nyei by-lá yúp-ka f sée-nyu-yu ee byé-lu-yu pa-lós-ku

    She wore a skirt with blue and white stripes.

  • Тёмно-си́ний дива́н занима́л всю гости́ную.

    tyóm-na sée-neei dee-ván za-nee-mál fsyu gas-tée-nu-yu

    The dark blue sofa occupied the entire living room.

Useful information

Unlike in English, there are two different ways to say "blue" in Russian depending on the intensity of the color:

- синий is dark blue (as you see in the picture)
- голубой is light (sky) blue

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Same stem words

синя́к [see-nyák] Noun
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Related words and phrases

жёлтый [zhól-tyi] Adjective
бирюзо́вый [bee-ryu-zó-vyi] Adjective
turquoise (color)
сире́невый [see-ryé-nee-vyi] Adjective
lavender, lilac (color)
голубо́й [ga-lu-bói] Adjective
blue, pale blue
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