Russian word of the day: Синий

Apr 28, 2017

How to say 

"Blue" in Russian




dark blue


  • Тёмно-си́ний дива́н занима́л всю гости́ную.

    tyóm-na sée-neei dee-ván za-nee-mál fsyu gas-tée-nu-yu

    The dark blue sofa occupied the entire living room.

  • На ней была́ ю́бка в си́нюю и бе́лую поло́ску.

    na nyei by-lá yúp-ka f sée-nyu-yu ee byé-lu-yu pa-lós-ku

    She wore a skirt with blue and white stripes.

Useful information

Unlike in English, there are two different ways to say "blue" in Russian depending on the intensity of the color:

- синий is dark blue (as you see in the picture)
- голубой is light (sky) blue

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Same stem words

синя́к [see-nyák] Noun , masculine
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Related words and phrases

фиоле́товый [fee-a-lyé-ta-vyi] Adjective
violet, purple
чёрный [chyór-nyî] Adjective
золоти́стый [za-la-tées-tyî] Adjective
golden, goldish
бирюзо́вый [bee-ryu-zó-vyi] Adjective
turquoise (color)

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