Russian word of the day: Широкий

Feb 23, 2019

How to say 

"Wide" in Russian




wide, broad


  • Магази́н предлага́ет широ́кий ассортиме́нт това́ров для дете́й.

    ma-ga-zéen preed-la-gá-eet shee-ró-keeî a-sar-tee-myént ta-vá-raf dlya dee-tyéî

    The store offers a wide range of products for children.

  • Он шёл широ́ким ша́гом.

    on shyol shee-ró-keem shá-gam

    He walked with a wide stride.

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Same stem words

шири́нка [shee-réen-ka] Noun
fly (on the pants)

Related words and phrases

поду́мать [pa-dú-mat'] Verb
to think
зе́ркало [zyér-ka-la] Noun
запо́мнить [za-póm-neet'] Verb
to memorize, to remember
мужчи́на [mu-schée-na] Noun
man, male
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