Russian word of the day: Щедрый

Oct 01, 2018

How to say 

"Generous" in Russian




generous, open-handed

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  • Он о́чень ще́дрый, никогда́ не жале́ет де́нег на друзе́й.

    on ó-cheen schyéd-ryî, nee-kag-dá nye zhee-lyé-yet dyé-nyek na dru-zyéî

    He is very generous, he is never stingy when it comes to his friends.

  • Э́то был о́чень ще́дрый жест с твое́й стороны́.

    é-ta byl ó-cheen' schyéd-ryî zhest s tva-yéî sta-ra-ný

    It was a very generous gesture of yours.

Related words and phrases

до́брый [dób-ryî] Adjective
kind, good
скупо́й [sku-póî] Adjective
stingy, miserly, avaricious
мни́тельный [mnée-teel'-nyî] Adjective
suspicious, mistrustful; hypochondriac
хи́трый [héet-ryî] Adjective
sly, cunning; artful; intricate
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