Russian word of the day: Шапка

Oct 07, 2018



Noun , feminine

Plural - ша́пки

cap, hat


  • Наде́нь ша́пку, на у́лице хо́лодно!

    na-dyén' sháp-ku, na ú-lee-tse hó-lad-na

    Put on a hat, it's cold outside!

  • Ты почему́ без ша́пки в тако́й моро́з?

    ty pa-chee-mú byez sháp-kee v ta-kóî ma-róz

    Why are you without a hat in such a frost?

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Related words and phrases

пла́тье [plát'-ye] Noun , neuter
перча́тка [peer-chát'-ka] Noun , feminine
мо́лния [mól-nee-ya] Noun , feminine
lightning; zipper
сви́тер [svée-ter] Noun , masculine
sweater, pullover, slip-over

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