Russian word of the day: Сердиться

Aug 24, 2018

How to say 

"To be angry" in Russian



Verb , imperfective

Perfective - рассерди́ться

to be angry


  • Не серди́сь, я всё испра́влю!

    nye seer-dées', ya fsyo ees-práv-lyu

    Don't be angry, I'll fix everything!

  • На кого́ ты се́рдишься?

    na ka-vó ty syér-deesh-sya

    Who are you angry with?

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Related words and phrases

весели́ться [vee-see-lée-tsa] Verb , imperfective
to enjoy oneself, to have fun (a good time)
пла́кать [plá-kat'] Verb , imperfective
to cry, to weep
смуща́ться [smu-schá-tsa] Verb , imperfective
to be embarrassed, confused; to experience awkwardness, shyness
успоко́иться [us-pa-kó-ee-tsa] Verb , perfective
to calm down

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