Russian word of the day: Самообладание

Dec 10, 2019

How to say 

"Self-control" in Russian



Noun , neuter

self-control, composure


  • Потеря́в самооблада́ние от волне́ния, она́ вдруг запла́кала.

    pa-tee-ryáf sa-ma-ab-la-dá-nee-ye at val-nyé-nee-ya, a-na vdruk za-plá-ka-la

    Having lost her composure from nervousness, she suddenly burst into tears.

  • Из всех прису́тствующих он еди́нственный сохрани́л по́лное самооблада́ние.

    eez fsyeh pree-sútst-vu-yu-scheeh on ye-déenst-veen-nyî sah-ra-néel pól-na-ye sa-ma-ab-la-dá-nee-ye

    Out of all those present, he was the only one who maintained complete self-control.


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весели́ться [vee-see-lée-tsa] Verb
to enjoy oneself, to have fun (a good time)
растеря́ться [ras-tee-ryá-tsa] Verb
to get lost / confused / puzzled, to lose one's head
испуга́ться [ees-pu-gá-tsa] Verb
to get scared, to get frightened
стыди́ться [sty-dée-tsa] Verb
to be ashamed
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