Russian word of the day: Селедка

Oct 07, 2017

How to say 

"Herring" in Russian



Noun , feminine , variation - "сельдь"



  • Селёдка под шу́бой - класси́ческое блю́до праздничного стола́ для ру́сских.

    see-lyót-ka pat shú-baî - kla-sée-chees-ka-ye blyú-da prázd-neech-na-va sta-lá dlya rús-keeh

    Herring under a "fur coat" (herring covered with a thick layer of vegetables) is a classic dish of a festive table for Russians.

  • С селёдкой гото́вят сала́ты, разли́чные заку́ски и да́же супы́.

    s see-lyót-kaî ga-tó-vyat sa-lá-ty, raz-léech-ny-ye za-kús-kee ee dá-zhe su-pý

    Herring can be used in salads, various snacks and even soups.

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ква́шеная капу́ста [kvá-she-na-ya ka-pús-ta] Phrase
sauerkraut, sour cabbage
блин [bleen] Noun , plural - блины́
pancake; (slang) damn it!
простоква́ша [pras-ta-kvá-sha] Noun
curdled milk, clabber, sour clotted milk
спе́ция [spyé-tsee-ya] Noun
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