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"Deal" in Russian

Russian word of the day | May 03, 2018
[ sdyél-ka ]

Noun , feminine

deal, transaction, bargain


  • Мы заключи́ли вы́годную сде́лку.

    my zak-lyu-chée-lee vý-gad-nu-yu sdyél-ku

    We made a good deal.

  • Он не пошёл на сде́лку с со́вестью.

    on nye pa-shól na sdyél-ku s só-veest'-yu

    He did not go for a deal with his conscience.

Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "сделк".

  • Два́дцать проце́нтов от су́ммы сде́лки забира́ет себе́ се́рвис.

    dvá-tsat' pra-tsén-taf at súm-my sdyél-kee za-bee-rá-eet see-byé sér-vees

    The service takes twenty percent of the amount of the transaction.

Same stem words

отде́латься [at-dyé-la-tsa] Verb
to get rid of, to throw off, to shake off
де́лать [dyé-lat'] Verb
to do, to make
де́ло [dyé-la] Noun
matter, duty, concern, business, case, situation, act, deed

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