Russian word of the day: Счастье

Jun 20, 2017

How to say 

"Happiness" in Russian



Noun , neuter



  • Жела́ю вам здоро́вья и сча́стья!

    zhe-lá-yu vam zda-ró-vya ee schást'-ya

    I wish you health and happiness!

  • По сча́стью, у меня́ был с собо́й па́спорт.

    pa schást'-yu, u mee-nyá byl s sa-bói pás-part

    Fortunately, I had my passport with me.


Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "счасть".

  • Новобра́чные бы́ли на седьмо́м не́бе от сча́стья.

    na-va-brách-ny-ye bý-lee na seed'-móm nyé-bye at schást'-ya

    The newly-weds were super happy (on the seventh heaven from happiness).

  • Он сам не свой от сча́стья.

    on sam nye svoi at schást'-ya

    He is out of himself from happiness.

  • Она́ была́ на седьмо́м не́бе от сча́стья.

    a-ná by-lá na seed'-móm nyé-bye at schást'-ya

    She was in seventh heaven from happiness.

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Same stem words

счастли́вый [schees-lée-vyî] Adjective
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Related words and phrases

смуща́ться [smu-schá-tsa] Verb
to be embarrassed, confused; to experience awkwardness, shyness
растеря́ться [ras-tee-ryá-tsa] Verb
to get lost / confused / puzzled, to lose one's head
весёлый [vee-syó-lyî] Adjective
cheerful, joyful, merry
волнова́ться [val-na-vá-tsa] Verb
to worry, to be worried, to be nervous, to be agitated
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