Russian word of the day: Санки

Jan 25, 2018

How to say 

"Sled" in Russian



Noun , plural



  • Де́ти и их роди́тели пришли́ ката́ться с го́рки на са́нках.

    dyé-tee ee eeh ra-dée-tee-lee preesh-lée ka-tá-tsa s gór-kee na sán-kah

    Children and their parents came slide the hill on the sled.

  • Зимо́й па́па обы́чно вози́л нас в са́дик на са́нках.

    zee-móî pá-pa a-bých-na va-zéel nas v sá-deek na sán-kah

    In the winter, dad usually took us to the kindergarten on a sled.

Related words and phrases

дразни́ть [draz-néet'] Verb
to tease, to mock
блиста́тельный [blees-tá-teel'-nyi] Adjective
brilliant, splendid, magnificent
прозева́ть [pra-zee-vát'] Verb
to yawn (throughout); to miss an opportunity
слыть [slyt'] Verb
to have the reputation for, to be said / reputed / known

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