Russian word of the day: Рождество

Dec 25, 2017

How to say 

"Christmas" in Russian



Noun , neuter



  • Мы поздравля́ем на́ших чита́телей с католи́ческим Рождество́м!

    my pazd-rav-lyá-eem ná-sheeh chee-tá-tee-lyeî s ka-ta-lée-chees-keem razh-deest-vóm

    Merry Catholic Christmas to our readers! (We congratulate our readers on Catholic Christmas!)

  • Рождество́ в Росси́и пра́зднуется по Юлиа́нскому календарю́, 7 января́.

    razh-deest-vó v ras-sée-ee prázd-nu-ee-tsa pa yu-lee-áns-ka-mu ka-leen-da-ryu, seed'-mo-va yan-va-ryá

    Christmas in Russia is celebrated according to the Julian calendar, on January 7.

Related words and phrases

дед Mоро́з [dyed ma-róz] Phrase
Ded Moroz (Russian Santa Claus - Grandfather Frost)
с наступа́ющим! [s nas-tu-pá-yu-scheem] Phrase , used before the New Year comes
Happy upcoming New Year! (lit. - with upcoming!)
бой кура́нтов [boî ku-rán-taf] Phrase
bell rings
с но́вым го́дом! [s nó-vym gó-dam] Phrase
Happy New Year! (lit. - With New Year!)

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