Russian word of the day: Ролики

Aug 12, 2019

How to say 

"Roller skates" in Russian



Noun , plural

roller skates


  • Пошли́ ката́ться на ро́ликах?

    pash-lée ka-tá-tsa na ró-lee-kah

    Let's go roller blading?

  • Ка́ждое воскресе́нье мы ката́лись на ро́ликах в па́рке.

    kázh-da-ye vask-ree-syén'-ye my ka-tá-lees' na ró-lee-kah f pár-kye

    Every Sunday we went roller blading in the park.

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Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "ролик".

  • Мне ка́жется, ката́ние на конька́х про́ще, чем на ро́ликах.

    mnye ká-zhe-tsa, ka-tá-nee-ye na kan'-káh pró-schye, chyem na ró-lee-kah

    I think that skating is easier than rollerblading.

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отжима́ние [at-zhee-má-nee-ye] Noun , plural - отжима́ния
push-up, press-up
плыть [plyt'] Verb
to swim, to float, to sail
е́здить верхо́м [yez-déet' veer-hóm] Phrase
to ride, to be carried on somebody's back
приседа́ние [pree-sye-dá-nee-ye] Noun
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