Russian word of the day: Итог

Dec 04, 2019



Noun , masculine

Plural - ито́ги

result, sum, total


  • Дава́йте подведём ито́ги.

    da-váî-tye pad-vee-dyóm ee-tó-gee

    Let's summarize.

  • По ито́гам голосова́ния победи́ла кома́нда из Росси́и.

    pa ee-tó-gam ga-lasa-vá-nee-ya, pa-bee-dée-ka ka-mán-da eez ras-sée-ee

    According to the voting results, the team from Russia won.

Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "итог".

  • Сто́имость разби́того окна́ вы́чли из его́ зарпла́ты.

    stó-ee-mast' raz-bée-ta-va ak-ná vých-lee eez ye-vó zar-plá-ty

    The cost of the broken window was subtracted from his salary.

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вя́нуть [vyá-nut'] Verb
to wither, to fade
плаче́вный [pla-chyév-nyî ] Adjective
sad, deplorable, pitiable, lamentable, mournful
нарасхва́т [na-ras-hvát] Adverb
~ like hot cakes, in great demand
кише́ть [kee-shét'] Verb
to throng, to teem, to swarm, to crawl with
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