Russian word of the day: Рейс

Jan 12, 2019



Noun , masculine

Plural - ре́йсы

flight, trip, cruise, voyage


  • Во ско́лько наш рейс?

    va skól'-ka nash ryeîs

    What time is our flight?

  • Наш рейс задержа́ли на полчаса́.

    nash ryeîs za-deer-zhá-lee na pol-cha-sá

    Our flight was delayed for half an hour.

Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "рейс".

  • И́з-за непого́ды заде́ржаны все у́тренние ре́йсы.

    eez-za nee-pa-gó-dy za-dyér-zha-ny fsye ut-reen-nee-ye ryéî-sy

    Due to the bad weather, all morning flights are delayed.

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зал ожида́ния [zal a-zhee-dá-nee-ya] Phrase
waiting room/space
бага́ж [ba-gásh] Noun
фотографи́ровать [fa-ta-gra-fée-ra-vat'] Verb
to take pictures, to photograph
по́езд [pó-eest] Noun , plural - поезда́

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