Russian word of the day: Редко

Feb 12, 2019

How to say 

"Seldom" in Russian




seldom, rarely; sparsely


  • Мы ре́дко сюда́ прихо́дим.

    my ryét-ka syu-dá pree-hó-deem

    We rarely come here.

  • Он говори́т ре́дко, да ме́тко.

    on ga-va-réet ryét-ka, da myét-ka

    He talks little but says much.

Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "редко".

  • Зелёные глаза́ у люде́й встреча́ются ре́дко.

    zee-lyó-ny-ye gla-zá u lyu-dyéi vstree-chá-yu-tsa ryét-ka

    Green eyes are rare in humans.

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Related words and phrases

ны́нче [nýn-che] Adjective , variation - "ны́не"
today, nowadays
за́втра [záft-ra] Adverb
вчера́ [fchee-rá] Adverb
ме́дленно [myéd-leen-na] Adverb
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