Russian word of the day: Распродажа

Jan 30, 2018



Noun , feminine



  • Я купи́ла э́то на распрода́же.

    ya ku-pée-la é-ta na ras-pra-dá-zhe

    I bought this on a sale.

  • Сего́дня у нас распрода́жа, всё со ски́дкой 20%.

    see-vód-nya u nas ras-pra-dá-zha, fsyo sa skéet-kaî 20%.

    Today we have a sale, everything with a 20% discount.

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Related words and phrases

купи́ть [ku-péet'] Verb , imperfective
to buy, to purchase
покупа́ть [pa-ku-pát'] Verb , imperfective
to buy, to purchase
нали́чные [na-léech-ny-ye] Noun , plural
чек [chyek] Noun , masculine
receit, check

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