Russian word of the day: Пылесос

Sep 17, 2017

How to say 

"Vacuum cleaner" in Russian



Noun , masculine

vacuum cleaner


  • Он доста́л пылесо́с и на́чал убо́рку.

    on das-tál py-lee-sós ee ná-cheel u-bór-ku

    He took out a vacuum cleaner and started cleaning.

  • Кот испуга́лся зву́ка пылесо́са и спря́тался под дива́н.

    kot ees-pu-gál-sya zvú-ka py-lee-só-sa ee spryá-tal-sya pad dee-ván

    The cat got scared by the sound of the vacuum cleaner and hid under the couch.

Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "пылесос".

  • Ма́ма сказа́ла пропылесо́сить во всей кварти́ре.

    má-ma ska-zá-la pra-py-lee-só-seet' va fsyeî kvar-tée-rye

    Mom said to vacuum the whole apartment.

  • Полы́ давно́ пора́ пропылесо́сить.

    pa-lý dav-nó pa-rá pra-py-lee-só-seet'

    It's high time to vacuum the floors.

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Same stem words

пропылесо́сить [pra-py-lee-só-seet'] Verb
to vacuum

Related words and phrases

стира́льный порошо́к [stee-rál'nyî pa-ra-shók] Phrase
detergent, washing powder
утю́г [u-tyúk] Noun
погла́дить [pa-glá-deet'] Verb
to pat, to caress; to iron
мыть посу́ду [myt' pa-sú-du] Phrase
to do the dishes
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