Russian word of the day: Простуда

Jul 11, 2017



Noun , feminine

cold, chill


  • Что у вас есть от просту́ды?

    chto u vas yest at pras-tú-dy

    What do you have for a cold?

  • Застегни́сь, а то подхва́тишь просту́ду!

    zas-teeg-nées', a to pad-hvá-teesh pras-tú-du

    Button up or you are going to catch a cold!

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Related words and phrases

синя́к [see-nyák] Noun , masculine
приви́вка [pree-véef-ka] Noun , feminine
реце́пт [ree-tsept] Noun , masculine
recipe; prescription
боле́ть [ba-lyét'] Verb , imperfective
to be sick / ill; to hurt, to ache

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