Russian word of the day: Проблема

Jun 06, 2018



Noun , feminine

Plural - пробле́мы

problem, issue, trouble


  • На встре́че обсужда́лись актуа́льные пробле́мы организа́ции.

    na vstryé-che ab-suzh-dá-lees' ak-tu-ál'-ny-ye prab-lyé-my ar-ga-nee-zá-tsee-ee

    The current problems of the organization were discussed at the meeting.

  • Ты не мог бы меня́ подки́нуть? - Без пробле́м, сади́сь.

    ty nye mog by mee-nyá pad-kée-nut'? - byes prab-lyém, sa-dées'

    Could you give me a ride? - No problem, get in the car (sit down in the car).

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Related words and phrases

балко́н [bal-kón] Noun , masculine
трамва́й [tram-váî] Noun , masculine
tram, tramway
стоп [stop] Interjection
календа́рь [ka-leen-dár'] Noun , masculine

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