Russian word of the day: Прививка

Jul 16, 2018



Noun , feminine

Plural - приви́вки



  • Приви́вки от ветря́нки и ротави́руса ста́нут обяза́тельными.

    pree-véef-kee at veet-ryán-kee ee ra-ta-vée-ru-sa stá-nut a-bee-zá-teel'-ny-mee

    Vaccinations from chickenpox and rotavirus will become mandatory.

  • В де́тстве он ужа́сно боя́лся приви́вок.

    v dyéts-tvye on u-zhás-na ba-yál-sya pree-vée-vak

    As a child, he was terribly afraid of vaccinations.

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Related words and phrases

просту́да [pras-tú-da] Noun , feminine
cold, chill
заболе́ть [za-ba-lyét'] Verb , perfective
to get sick; to start hurting/aching
боле́ть [ba-lyét'] Verb , imperfective
to be sick / ill; to hurt, to ache
здоро́вье [zda-róv'-ye] Noun , neuter

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