Russian word of the day: Привет

Jan 09, 2018

How to say 

"Hi" in Russian




hello, hi


  • Приве́т, как дела́?

    pree-vyét, kak dee-lá

    Hi, how are you?

  • Передава́й ему́ приве́т от меня́.

    pye-rye-da-váî ye-mú pree-vyét at mee-nyá

    Give him my regards. (Say hello to him from me.)

Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "привет".

  • При ви́де папарацци она́ не ста́ла смуща́ться, a хо́лодно поприве́тствовала их же́стом.

    pree vée-dye pa-pa-rá-tsee a-ná nye stá-la smu-schá-tsa, a hó-lad-na pa-pree-vyét-stva-va-la eeh zhés-tam

    Having noticed the paparazzi she did not become confused but coldly greeted them with a gesture.

  • Он встре́тил нас приве́тливым взгля́дом.

    on vstryé-teel nas pree-vyét-lee-vym vzglyá-dam

    He met us with a friendly look.

  • Каки́е приве́тливые у тебя́ сосе́ди.

    ka-kée-ye pree-vyét-lee-vy-ye u tee-byá sa-syé-dee

    What friendly neighbors you have.

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Useful information

"Привет" means "hi" in Russian. It's an informal greeting and used between friends, family and people of young age.

In formal situations, with people you don't know, or with the ones that are older than you, you should use "здравствуйте".

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Same stem words

приве́тливый [pree-vyét-lee-vyî] Adjective
friendly, affable

Related words and phrases

свобо́дно [sva-bód-na] Adverb
vacant, free, freely; loose, loosely
поня́тно [pa-nyát-na] Adverb
clear, understandable; I see!
извини́ть [eez-vee-néet'] Verb
to pardon, to excuse
спаси́бо [spa-sée-ba] Particle
thanks, thank you
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