Russian word of the day: Припоздниться

Jan 11, 2019



Verb , perfective

to be (a bit) late


  • Он объясни́л, что припозднился и́з-за про́бок.

    on ab-yas-neel, chto pree-pazd-néel-sya eez-za pró-bak

    He explained that he was a bit late because of traffic jams.

  • Весна́ в э́том году́ припозднилась.

    vees-ná v é-tam ga-dú pree-pazd-née-las'

    Spring came late this year.

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Same stem words

по́здно [pózd-na] Adverb
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Related words and phrases

oпростоволо́ситься [a-pra-sta-va-ló-see-tsa] Verb , imperfective
to blunder, to make a blunder / gaffe / howler
босико́м [ba-see-kóm] Adverb
неуже́ли [nee-u-zhé-lee] Particle
is it really? (a question, expresses doubt, distrust, surprise)
ны́нешний [ný-neesh-neeî ] Adjective
present, this, actual, today's

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