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"Price" in Russian

Russian word of the day | Mar 26, 2020
[ tse-ná ]

Noun , feminine

Plural - це́ны



  • На э́том ры́нке са́мые ни́зкие це́ны в го́роде.

    na é-tam rýn-kye sá-my-ye nées-kee-ye tsé-ny v gó-ra-dye

    The lowest prices in the city are in this market.

  • Какова́ цена́ вопро́са?

    ka-ka-vá tse-ná va-pró-sa

    What is the price of the matter?

Russian alphabet

Same stem words

оце́нка [a-tsén-ka] Noun
mark, grade; estimation, assessment, evaluation
бесце́нный [byes-tsén-nyi] Adjective

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