Russian word of the day: Прибавить

Aug 26, 2017

How to say 

"To add" in Russian



Verb , perfective

Imperfective - прибавля́ть

to add, to increase


  • Приба́вьте во́семь к трём.

    pree-báv'-tye vó-seem' k tryom

    Add eight to three.

  • Она́ приба́вила в ве́се.

    a-ná pree-bá-vee-la v vyé-sye

    She put on weight.

Same stem words

доба́вка [da-báf-ka] Noun
addition, additive, supplement
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Related words and phrases

раздели́ть [raz-dee-léet'] Verb
to divide
сте́пень [styé-pyen'] Noun
degree, extent
объём [ab-yóm] Noun
volume, capacity
полтора́ [pal-ta-rá] Numeral
one and a half
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