Russian word of the day: Пререкаться

Feb 12, 2018



Verb , imperfective

to argue, to wrangle, to bicker


  • Не пререка́йся со ста́ршими!

    nye pree-ree-káî-sya sa stár-shee-mee

    Don't you talk back to the elders!

  • Он пререка́ется с ма́терью по любо́му по́воду.

    on pree-ree-ká-ee-tsa s má-teer'-yu pa lyu-bó-mu pó-va-du

    He always (for any reason) wrangles with his mother.

Related words and phrases

слыть [slyt'] Verb , imperfective
to have the reputation for, to be said / reputed / known
плести́сь [plees-tées'] Verb , imperfective
to drag oneself along, to trudge
злопа́мятный [zla-pá-myat-nyi] Adjective
vindictive, rancorous, unforgiving

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