Russian word of the day: Пожениться

Dec 07, 2017



Verb , perfective

Imperfective - жени́ться

to get married


  • Они́ пожени́лись на про́шлой неде́ле.

    a-née pa-zhee-née-lees' na prósh-laî nee-dyé-lye

    They got married last week.

  • Мы реши́ли пожени́ться.

    my ree-shée-lee pa-zhee-née-tsa

    We decided to get married.

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Same stem words

жени́ться [zhee-née-tsa] Verb
to get married
же́нщина [zhén-schee-na] Noun
жени́х [zhe-néeh] Noun
fiance, bridegroom, suiter, admirer
жена́ [zhee-ná] Noun
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Related words and phrases

уха́живать [u-há-zhee-vat'] Verb
to court, to pay court to, to woo; to look after, to take care of, to nurse
любо́вь [lyu-bóf'] Noun
муж [muzh] Noun
целова́ться [tse-la-vá-tsa] Verb
to kiss (one another)

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