Russian word of the day: Подарить

Nov 04, 2018



Verb , perfective

Imperfective - дари́ть

to give, to make a present

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  • Что тебе́ подари́ли на день рожде́ния?

    chto tee-byé pa-da-rée-lee na dyen' razh-dyé-nee-ya

    What did you receive (did they give you) for your birthday?

  • Она́ подари́ла мне э́тот брасле́т на па́мять.

    a-ná pa-da-rée-la mnye é-tat bras-lyét na pá-myat'

    She gave me this bracelet as a souvenir (lit. - for memory).

Related words and phrases

пра́здник [prázd-neek] Noun
festival, holiday, festive occasion
пода́рок [pa-dá-rak] Noun , plural - пода́рки
gift, present
годовщи́на [ga-daf-schée-na] Noun
отмеча́ть [at-mee-chát'] Verb
to celebrate; to commemorate; to mark, to check, to note

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