Russian phrase of the day: Под ключ

Jan 10, 2019

How to say 

"Turnkey" in Russian

под ключ

pat klyuch


turnkey, fully ready/constructed


  • В Москве́ и о́бласти па́дают прода́жи кварти́р под ключ.

    v mask-vyé ee ób-las-tee pá-da-yut pra-dá-zhee krar-téer pat klyuch

    In Moscow and the region the sales of turnkey apartments are decreasing.

  • Они́ занима́ются строи́тельством за́городных домо́в под ключ.

    a-née za-nee-má-yu-tsa stra-ee-teel'st-vam za-ga-rad-nyh da-móf pat klyuch

    They are constructing turnkey country houses.

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Same stem words

выключа́ть [vy-klyu-chát'] Verb
to switch off, to turn off
включа́ть [fklyu-chát'] Verb
to turn on, to switch on; to include
вы́ключить [výk-lyu-cheet'] Verb
to turn off, to switch off
включи́ть [fklyu-chéet'] Verb
to switch on, to turn on, to plug in; to include, to inscribe
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Related words and phrases

копа́ться [ka-pá-tsa] Verb
to dig; to probe; to dawdle
поголо́вно [pa-ga-lóv-na] Adverb
all without exception
самоу́чка [sa-ma-úch-ka] Noun , masculine or feminine
self-taught person
сожра́ть [sazh-rát'] Verb
to gobble up, to eat greedily

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