Russian phrase of the day: Почем зря

Sep 13, 2018

почём зря

pa-chyóm zrya


~ without rhyme or reason, for nothing

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  • Не руга́й его́ почём зря, он не винова́т.

    nye ru-gáî ye-vó pa-chyóm zrya, on nye vee-na-vát

    Do not scold him without rhyme or reason, it's not his fault.

  • Ну вот, оби́дели челове́ка почём зря.

    nu vót, a-bée-dee-lee chee-la-vyé-ka pa-chyóm zrya

    It's not good, we offended the man without any reason.

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терпе́ть не мочь [teer-pyét' nye moch'] Phrase
can't stand, to hate, to dislike strongly
чуть не [chut' nye] Phrase
nearly, almost
так себе́ [tak see-byé] Phrase
отда́ть до́лжное [at-dát' dólzh-na-ye] Phrase
to give/render somebody his due, to pay tribute to
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