Russian phrase of the day: По-русски

Jan 24, 2018

How to say 

"I" in Russian




in Russian


  • Вы говори́те по-ру́сски?

    vy ga-va-rée-tye pa-rús-kee

    Do you speak Russian?

  • Здесь не по-ру́сски напи́сано.

    zdyes' nye pa-rús-kee na-pée-sa-na

    It is not written in Russian here.

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Same stem words

ру́сский [rús-keeî] Adjective
обрусе́ть [ab-ru-syét'] Verb
become russified / russianized

Related words and phrases

иска́ть [ees-kát'] Verb
to look for, to search, to seek
краси́вый [kra-sée-vyî] Adjective
beautiful, handsome, good-looking
после́дний [pas-lyéd-neeî] Adjective
last, ultimate, final
сам [sam] Pronoun , f. сама́, n. само́
oneself, (my/your/him/her/it)self
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