Russian phrase of the day: По карману

Nov 12, 2017

по карма́ну

pa kar-má-nu




  • Э́то нам не по карма́ну.

    é-ta nam nye pa kar-má-nu

    We can not afford it.

  • Креди́ты оказа́лись не по карма́ну для ря́да отрасле́й.

    kree-dée-ty a-ka-zá-lees' nye pa kar-má-nu dlya ryá-da at-ras-lyéî

    Loans turned out to be too expensive for a number of industries.

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ну ты даёшь [nu ty da-yósh] Phrase , variation - "ну вы даёте"
expresses surprise with someone
так тебе́ и на́до [tak tee-byé ee ná-da] Phrase
you asked for it!, it serves you right!
сам не свой [sam nye svoi] Phrase , feminine - "сама не своя"
not himself, beside himself
вот э́то да [vot é-ta da] Phrase
expresses amazement and surprise

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