Russian word of the day: Плыть

Dec 09, 2017



Verb , imperfective

to swim, to float, to sail


  • Хва́тит плыть по тече́нию, пора́ что́-то меня́ть!

    hvá-teet plyt' pa tee-ché-nee-yu, pa-rá chto-ta mee-nyát'

    Enough to swim with the flow, it's time to change something!

  • По не́бу ни́зко плы́ли облака́.

    pa nyé-bu néez-ka plý-lee ab-la-ká

    The clouds were sailing low across the sky

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Related words and phrases

тренажёр [tree-na-zhyór] Noun , masculine
training machine, simulator
подтя́гивание [pat-tyá-gee-va-nee-ye] Noun , neuter , plural - подтя́гивания
chin-up, pull-up
пла́вать [plá-vat'] Verb , imperfective
to swim, to float
силова́я трениро́вка [see-la-vá-ya tree-nee-róf-ka] Phrase
weight training

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