Russian word of the day: Плачевный

Mar 04, 2018




sad, deplorable, pitiable, lamentable, mournful


  • Несмотря́ на все уси́лия, результа́т оказа́лся весьма́ плаче́вным.

    nee-smat-ryá na fsye u-sée-lee-ya, ree-sul'-tat a-ka-zál-sya vees'-má pla-chyév-nym

    Despite all efforts, the result was very lamentable.

  • В её го́лосе слы́шались плаче́вные но́тки.

    v ye-yó gó-la-sye slý-sha-lees' pla-chyév-ny-ye nót-kee

    Her voice had sad intonations.

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Same stem words

пла́кать [plá-kat'] Verb
to cry, to weep
пла́кса [plák-sa] Noun , masculine or feminine
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Related words and phrases

зря [zrya] Adverb
in vain, to no purpose, (all) for nothing
торопи́ться [ta-ra-pée-tsa] Verb
to hurry, to be in a hurry, to hasten
предвеща́ть [pryed-vee-schát'] Verb
to forebode, to presage, to betoken, to foreshadow
поступа́ться [pas-tu-pá-tsa] Verb
to renounce, to give up, to forgo, to waive
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