Russian word of the day: Писк

Sep 23, 2017



Noun , masculine

squeak, peep, chirp, cheep


  • Что́ э́то за писк?

    chto é-ta za peesk

    What is this squeaking?

  • Мне показа́лось, что я слы́шала мыши́ный писк.

    mnye pa-ka-zá-las' chto ya slý-sha-la my-shee-nyi peesk

    It seemed to me that I heard a mouse squeaking.

Related words and phrases

крик [kreek] Noun
cry, shout, bawl; yell, scream; outcry, shouting, clamour
свист [sveest] Noun
whistling, whistle (sound)
свисте́ть [svees-tyét'] Verb
to whistle
крича́ть [kree-chát'] Verb
to scream, to shout, to yell
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