Russian word of the day: Переживать

Apr 28, 2019



Verb , imperfective

Perfective - пережи́ть

to worry, to be upset, to take hard; to experience, to go through, to undergo, to suffer


  • Он поссо́рился с жено́й, тепе́рь пережива́ет.

    on pas-só-reel-sya c zhee-nóî, tee-pyér' pee-ree-zhee-vá-eet

    He quarreled with his wife and is now in depression.

  • Страна́ пережива́ет тяжёлое вре́мя.

    stra-ná pee-ree-zhee-vá-eet tee-zhó-la-ye vryé-mya

    The country is going through a difficult time.

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Additional examples

More Russian sentences with the words that contain "пережив".

  • Он пережива́ет, что его́ мо́гут подсиде́ть в компа́нии.

    on pee-ree-zhee-vá-eet, chto ee-vó mó-gut pad-see-dyét' f kam-pá-nee-ee

    He worries that somebody can scheme against him in the company (to take his position).

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Related words and phrases

боя́ться [ba-yá-tsa] Verb
to be afraid, to fear, to dread
весёлый [vee-syó-lyî] Adjective
cheerful, joyful, merry
удово́льствие [u-da-vól'st-vee-ye] Noun
наслажда́ться [na-slazh-dá-tsa] Verb
to enjoy, to relish, to delight, to revel
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