Russian word of the day: Переговоры

Sep 16, 2018

How to say 

"Negotiations" in Russian



Noun , plural

negotiations, talks

Russian Pod 101


  • Перегово́ры зашли́ в тупи́к.

    pee-ree-ga-vó-ry zash-lée f tu-péek

    Negotiations have reached an impasse.

  • Сто́роны се́ли за стол перегово́ров.

    stó-ra-ny syé-lee za stol pee-ree-ga-vó-raf

    The parties sat down at the negotiating table.

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Same stem words

сговори́ться [sga-va-rée-tsa] Verb
to agree to do something, to conspire, to plot
договори́ться [da-ga-va-rée-tsa] Verb
to reach an agreement, to agree

Related words and phrases

сде́лка [sdyél-ka] Noun
deal, transaction, bargain
контра́кт [kant-rákt] Noun
contract, agreement

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