Russian word of the day: Паспорт

Aug 08, 2018



Noun , masculine

Plural - паспорта́



  • Покажи́те ваш па́спорт, пожа́луйста.

    pa-ka-zhée-tye vash pás-part, pa-zhá-lus-ta

    Show your passport, please.

  • Он стал похо́ж на свою́ фотогра́фию в па́спорте.

    on stal pa-hózh na sva-yú fa-ta-grá-fee-yu f pás-par-tye

    He began to look like his own photo in the passport. (A joke about somebody looking not at his best.)

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дива́н [dee-ván] Noun , masculine
divan, sofa, couch
иде́я [ee-dyé-ya] Noun , feminine
интервью́ [een-terv'-yú] Noun , neuter
interview (a correspondent's conversation with somebody)
балко́н [bal-kón] Noun , masculine

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