Russian phrase of the day: Отдать должное

Dec 03, 2017

отда́ть до́лжное

at-dát' dólzh-na-ye


to give/render somebody his due, to pay tribute to


  • На́до отда́ть им до́лжное, они́ хорошо́ спра́вились с зада́чей, несмотря́ на недочёты.

    ná-da at-dát' eem dólzh-na-ye, a-née ha-ra-shó sprá-vee-lees' s za-da-cheî, nees-mat-ryá na nee-da-chó-ty

    We must give them their due, they did well with the task, despite the shortcomings.

  • Мы отдали́ ему́ до́лжное и вы́слушали его́ то́чку зре́ния.

    my at-dá-lee ye-mú dólzh-na-ye ee výs-lu-sha-lee ye-vó tóch-ku zryé-nee-ya

    We gave him his due and listened to his point of view.

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то́же мне [tó-zhe mnye] Phrase
~ that's not ... (expresses disapproval in relation to something or someone, lit. - also to me)
как ни крути́ [kak nee kru-tée] Phrase
anyway (lit. - no matter how you turn it)
как попа́ло [kak pa-pá-la] Phrase
anyhow, at random, haphazard, any which way
ещё чего́ [ye-schó chee-vó] Phrase
expresses a sharp disagreement, protest, displeasure with smth.

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